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Airtight Storage of Wheat in a P.V.C. Covered Bunker

Department of Stored Products, Agricultural Research Organization, Bet Dagan, Israel.

Abstract: Wheat of 11.4% moisture was stored in an airtight structure formed by a polyethylene liner at its base and with a UV-resistance P.V.C. sheet over the surface. The wheat bulk of 15,566.5 t was supported by 2 m high earth banks. The oxygen concentration fell to 6% and the carbon dioxide concentration increased to 9% within 3 months. Insects were present only in the part of the upper layer where the wheat moisture content and high germination and baking quality was preserved. Wheat damage attributed to insects was estimated at 0.15%, and that to moulds at 0.06%. The P.V.C. liner remained in good condition and retained its elacticity, and no rodent damage was detected.

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הורדת מסמך מלא