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Outdoor Storage of Corn and Paddy Using Sealed-Stacks in the Philippines

Shlomo Navarro and Jonathan E. Donahaye. Department of Stored Products, AgricuMud Research Organization. Israel

Filipinu M. Caliboso and Glory Sabio National Postharvest Institute for Research and Extension, Philippines

Abstract: The appicab8ty of using sealed stacks for modified atmosphere or gastight storage of paddy and corn stacked in the open in the Philippines was investigated. Heavy duty plastic was used to provide a solution to short and medium term preservation of dry paddy and corn at the fanner and farmer-coperativele vel.

A series of experiments was carried out in Israel to d6velop the plastic structures. it hcluded studies on penneabNes of plastic sheeting to oxygen and carbon dioxide, and resistance to insect and rodent penetration.

Investigations in the Philippines comprised storage under modified atmospheres (MA) using C0₂ flushing of corn and biogeneration of MA using gastight storage of corn and paddy without gas replacement. Carbon dioxide flushing treatments proved effective for insect control but the low avdab17ity of C0₂ cylinders binils this approach at present. Moisture migration was observed in aB the tnW. The use of agricultural wastes provided insulatrbn from durnal temperature tkrduations and was effective in preventing moisture migration for up to 4 months storage under Phrgpphe conditions. The trials showed that gastight storage provides an acceptable protection by maintaining the number of live insects below the threshold of economic damage without the need for pesticides.

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