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Self Regulated Atmospheres to Prevent Fungal Damaqe in Moist Paddy

E. Donahaye, S. Navarro, N. Paster, Dept. of Stored Products, ARO

F.A. Schulz, Phytomedizin, FU Berlin

F. Caliboso, S. Andales, NAPHIRE, Munoz, Philippines

Research objectives and relevance to developinq countries: Paddy is dried in two steps, ithe first reducing moisture content to 18 %, the second from 18 to 14 %. The proposed method is to replace the second step. Especially during the rainy season, farmers depend on mechanical drying of paddy. This method is not acceptable for small farmers due to high costs. With the proposed method, mechanical drying is partly replaced on the one hand; on the other hand, mechanical drying is a precondition for the proposed method during the rainy season.

After opening of the containers (which are to be developed), the stored goods (if stored well) have to be consumed fast. Otherwise, a second drying is necessary (by sun drying, or, again, mechanical drying). The work plan shows a number of shortfalls regarding the relevance to small farmers in developing countries; investigations into their paddy storage needs shouid be continously included in order to produce results useful to them.

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