Food Technology Information Center

Engineering Aspects of Ensiling

Z.G. Weinberg*, G. Ashbell

Forage Preservation and By-Products Research Unit, The Volcani Center: Agricultural Research Organization Bet-Dagan 50250, Israel
Received 12 November 2001 ; accepted after revision 24 July 2002

Abstract: Ensiling is a preservation method for moist forage crops, based on a lactic acid solid-state fermentation. Air is detrimental to silage because it enables the reactivation of detrimental aerobic microorganisms. The present review describes some of the inajor engineering and physical aspects of ensiling-silo types and the ensiling process-step by step. Issues considered include harvest and chopping, degree of consolidation, permeability to air ingress, sealing, additive application and unloadmg. Mathematical models that have been developed to simulate the ensiling process are mentioned. Experimentation methods are also described.

Key words: Anaerobic processes; Food engineenrig; Forage preservation: Modeling; Silage; Solid-state fermentation

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