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The effect of applying "Silo King" at ensiling on wheat silage studied in laboratory conditions

Ashbell, G., Weinberg, Z.G., and Hen, Y.

Forage Preservation and By-Products Research Unit, the Volcani Center Bet Dagan 50250, Israel
August 2002

Introduction: Biological additives are very popular in the silage industry, and have many advantages. In the international market it is possible to find vast numbers of inoculants. Many factors affect the activity of these inoculants, therefore it is important to test their effects on the forage that we intend to ensile

Jornal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology (2002)

Purpose of this work: To test the effect of "SILO-KING", a commercial silage additive produced by the AGRI-KING Company, USA, on the fermentation process of wheat silage, in - laboratory condition in Israel

Key Words:

הורדת מסמך מלא