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Stabilization of Returned Dairy Products by Ensiling with Straw and Molasses for Animal Feeding

Z.G. Weinberg1, G. Ashbell2 and Y. Chen3

Forage Preservation and By-Products Research Unit, The Valcani Center, Bet Dagan 50250, Israel

Abstract: Returned dairy products which are transferred to 1andfills might add to the environmental pollution. Such products have a high nutritional value of ruminants but they should be stabilized to enable their use as cattle feed. The purpose of the current study was to examine stabilization of returned dairy products hy ensiliing in cormbinations with straw and molasses for animal feeding. Treatments included combinations of milk and cottage cheese with straw and molasses. Results indicate that such products ensile well with straw, and after 3 d of ensiling the pH decreased to around 4.0. It was necessary to supplement cottage cheese with molasses, to supply a carbohydrate source for the lactic acid fermentation. The major fermentation product was lactic acid. Percentage of amnia N ( of total N) was ge1nerally higher in the silages made with cottage cheese than in those made with milk; the highest percentage (16%) was measured in the second experiment in the silages prepared with cottage cheese and straw. The study indicates the potential of stabilizing returned dairy products for animal feeding along with straw and molasses. There may also be potential for large dairy farms, or groups of smaller farms, to ensile waste milk with straw for later use as feed.

Key words: dairy products, ensiling, cattle feeding

Abbreviation Key: WSC = water soluble carbohydrates

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