CAF: The International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation in Stored Products

Proceedings of the International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere and Fumigation in Stored Products

Permanent Committee

Shlomo Navarro, Israel Chairman
Jonathan Banks, Australia Honorary Chair
Digvir Jayas, Canada Secretary
Bartosik Ricardo, Argentina
Karuppiah Alagusundaram, India
Barry Bridgeman, Australia
Mevlut Emekci, Turkey
Tom Phillips, U.S.A.
Guo Daolin, China

Ren Yonglin, Australia
Jonfia-Essien William, Ghana
Pushpaksen Asher, India
Yann Ciesla, France
Walse Spencer, U.S.A.
Ron Noyes, U.S.A.
Jordi Riudavets, Spain
Wang Yuejin, China

Permanent Committee Emeritus

Chris Bell, United Kingdom
Patrick Ducom, France
Jim Leesch, U.S.A.
Christoph Reichmuth, Germany

About CAF Conferences

The first Conference was an international symposium on controlled atmosphere grain storage, held in Rome, Italy in 1980, and the second one, which included fumigation, was held in Perth, Western Australia in 1983. This second symposium was given the title "International Symposium on Controlled Atmospheres and Fumigation" (CAF). During this symposium, members of the steering committee formed a Permanent International Committee on Controlled Atmospheres. This was followed by Conferences in Singapore (1989), Winnipeg Canada (1992), Nicosia, Cyprus (1996), Fresno, USA (2000), Gold Coast, Australia (2004), Chengdu, China (2008), Antalya, Turkey (2012) and New Delhi India (2016).

This web site has been set-up in order to provide information about the achievements of previous Conferences. To do this we have provided the "Table of Contents" of each Conference and where possible, we are providing free access to abstracts or full conference papers by enabling downloading of PDF files for reading in Adobe Acrobat reader.

Our second objective is to inform potential participants of future conference, with links to sites of the upcoming conference hosts.

CAF Conferences: