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60M.Emekci S.Navarro J.E.Donahaye M.Rindner A.Azrieli (2004)Respiration of Rhyzopertha dominica (F.) at reduced oxygen concentrations
59S.Navarro S.Finkelman M.Rindner R.Dias (2003)Effectivneness of Heat for Disinfestation of Nitidulid Beetles from Dates
58S.Navarro S.Finkelman M.Rindner R.Dias A.Azrieli (2003)Field Trials on Biogenerated V-HF System to Control the Large Narcissus Fly
57S.Finkelman S.Navarro M.Rindner R.Dias T.Hezy (2003)Practical Aspects to the Use of Vacuum as a Method to Control Storage Insects
56Z.G.Weinberg G.Ashbell Y.Chen (2003)Stabilization of Returned Dairy Products by Ensiling with Straw and Molasses for Animal Feeding
55S.Navarro S.Finkelman G.Sabio A.A.Isikber R.Dias M.Rindner A.Azrieli (2003)Enhanced Effectiveness of Vacuum or CO₂ in Combination with Increased Temperatures for Control of Storage Insects
54S.Finkelman S.Navarro M.Rindner R.Dias A.Azrieli (2003)Effect of Low Pressures on the Survival of Cocoa Pests at 18°C
53G.Ashbell Z.G.Weinberg Y.Chen (2002)רעלנים בתחמיצים
52G.Ashbell Z.G.Weinberg Y.Chen (2002)טמפרטורת הסביבה כגורם לאי-יציבות תחמיצי חיטה ותירס בתנאי חשיפה לאוויר. Ambient Temperature As A Factor for Instability in Wheat and Corn Silage Exposed to Air (Hebrew)‎
51G.Ashbell (2002)בחינת ההשפעה של שני תוספים לשיפור תהליך ההחמצה של צמחי חיטה
50Z.G.Weinberg G.Ashbell Y.Hen (2002)The Effect of Applying Lactobacillus Buchneri at Ensiling on Wheat Silage Studied in Laboratoriey and Farm Experiments
49G.Ashbell Z.G.Weinberg Y.Hen I.Filya (2002)The Effects of Temperature on the Aerobic Stability of Wheat and Corn Silages
48Z.G.Weinberg G.Ashbell Y.Hen Y.Leshem Y.S.Landau I.Brukental (2002)A Note on Ensiling Safflower Forage
47S.Navarro S.Finkelman G.Sabio A.A.Isikber R.Dias M.Rindner A.Azrieli (2002)Quarantine treatment of storage insect pests under vacuum or CO₂ in transportable systems
46S.Finkelman S.Navarro A.A.Isikber R.Dias A.Azrieli M.Rindner Y.Lotan T.Debruin (2002)Application of Vacuum to Sealed Flexible Containers. A Viable Alternative to Disinfestation of Durable Commodities with Methyl Bromide
45G.Ashbell Z.G.Weinberg Y.Hen (2002)The Effect of Applying Silo King at Ensiling on Wheat Silage Studied in Laboratory Conditions
44S.Navarro S.Finkelman J.E.Donahaye R.Dias M.Rindner A.Azrieli (2001)Integrated Storage Pest Control Methods Using Vacuum or CO₂ in Transportable Systems
43S.Navarro J.E.Donahaye M.Rindner A.Azrieli R.Dias (2001)Seed Storage in the Tropics under Gastight Sealed Conditions
42J.E.Donahaye S.Navarro G.Sabio M.Rindner A.Azrieli R.Dias (2001)Reflective Covers to Prevent Condensation in Sealed Storages in the Tropics
41J.L.Zettler S.Navarro (2001)Effect of Modified Atmospheres on Microflora and Respiration of California Prunes
40Z.G.Weinberg G.Ashbell (2001)Engineering Aspects of Ensiling
39G.Sabio S.Navarro J.E.Donahaye M.Rindner A.Azrieli R.Dias (2001)Control of Ephestia Cautella with Low Levels of Methyl Bromide and Carbon Dioxide Gas Mixtures
38S.Navarro J.E.Donahaye M.Rindner A.Azrieli (2001)Storage of Dates Under Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere for Quality Preservation
37A.G.Ferizli S.Navarro J.E.Donahaye M.Rindner A.Azrieli (2001)Airtight Granary for Use by Subsistence Farmers
36N.Dudai Z.G.Weinberg O.Larkov U.Ravid G.Ashbell E.Putievsky (2001)Changes in Essential Oil during Enzyme-Assisted Ensiling of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus Stapf.) and Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora Hook)
35J.E.Donahaye S.Navarro S.Andales A.M.delMundo F.Caliboso G.Sabio A.Felix M.Rindner A.Azrieli R.Dias (2001)Quality Preservation of Moist Paddy Under Hermetic Conditions
34J.E.Donahaye S.Navarro (2000)Comparisons of Energy Reserves Among Strains of Tribolium Castaneum Selected for Resistance to Hypoxia and Hypercarbia, and the Unselected Strain
33S.Navarro J.E.Donahaye R.Dias A.Azrieli M.Rindner T.Philips R.Noyes P.Villers T.deBruin T.Truby R.Rodrigues (2000)Application of Vacuum in Transportable System for Insect Control
32J.E.Donahaye (2000)Current status of non-residual control methods against stored product pests
31S.Navarro J.L.Zettler (2000)Critical Limits of Sealing for Successful Application of Controlled Atmosphere or Fumigation

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